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Summer School programme

Warsaw School of Data Analysis

July 21 – August 2, 2014 Warsaw, Poland


The Summer School will take place at the training centre Centrum Falenty:

 The Summer School programme includes:

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  • 2014-07-22    Maciej Majewski, CEO Pentacomp S.A.: Gold Rush 2.0: Where Is Your Ticket?
  • 2014-07-23    Katarzyna Kopczewska, University of Warsaw: How to measure policy implementation? Spatial econometrics approach
  • 2014-07-24    Roel Popping, University of Groningen:  Development of democracy in Central Eastern Europe after 1989. Advances in text analysis
  • 2014-07-25    Marcin Skład, University College Roosevelt: Systematic review & secondary data analysis: strengths and limitations of meta-analysis
  • 2014-07-26    Artur Suchwałko, QuantUp: Marketable Skills of a Data Analyst
  • 2014-07-28    To be announced
  • 2014-07-29    Richard Gonzalez, University of Michigan: New directions in data analysis. Problems to be solved
  • 2014-07-30    Roman Konarski, PBS, Gdansk University: Formative Measurement Models as a Risky Theoretical Shift
  • 2014-07-31    Karol Kuhl, Senior Manager, Marketing Analytics CE, Avon: Marketing analytics: Business vs. Academia
  • 2014-08-01    Per Block & Zsofia Boda, University of Oxford: The interdependence of network position and individual attributes
  • 2014-08-02    Paweł Kucharski, SmartNet Research & Solutions: Mining through social media data – Sotrender style


  • Introduction to R for beginners – Artur Suchwałko (QuantUp)
  • Going Deeper into R: Data Processing and Basic Statistical Modeling  – Artur Suchwałko (QuantUp)
  • Spatial Modeling of Socio-economic Phenomena  – Katarzyna Kopczewska (University of Warsaw)
  • Text analysis for the social sciences – Roel Popping (University of Groningen)
  • Introduction to Social Network Analysis - Michał Bojanowski (University of Warsaw)
  • Introduction to the Statistical Analysis of Social Networks – Christoph Stadtfeld (University of Groningen), Per Block (University of Oxford), Zsófia Boda (University of Oxford), András Vörös (University of Oxford)
  • Introduction to the Statistical Analysis of Dynamic Social Networks – Christoph Stadtfeld (University of Groningen), Per Block (University of Oxford), Zsófia Boda (University of Oxford), András Vörös (University of Oxford)
  • Data visualization techniques. Theory and Practice – Przemysław Biecek (University of Warsaw)
  • SPSS – Tomasz Jerzyński , Marcin Zieliński (University of Warsaw)
  • Discovering Patterns in Your Data – Generalized linear mixed models and other techniques with R – Richard Gonzalez (University of Michigan)
  • Wiggles and curves: The art of data exploration  – Warren Thorngate (Carleton University)
  • How to write clearly – Warren Thorngate (Carleton University)
  • Structural Equation Models – Roman Konarski (PBS, Gdańsk University)