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Frequently Asked Questions

Our course Introduction to Data Analysis attracts enormously the attention of PhD students. Within three days almost 100 applications were submitted! At the same time, to our project e-mail, many questions related to the course are coming in. Therefore, we answer the most frequently asked questions.


  1. How the course will be organized? Will I have to be in front of the computer on certain days in certain hours?
    The course will consist of 10 thematic blocks. For the each block a certain date will be appointed to which you should meet the materials on your own and do the tasks. Within this limit you can freely choose the time and place of your activity. So you will not have to sit at your computer at specified dates and hours.
  2. At what frequency the following thematic blocks will be opened/closed?
    The following thematic blocks will be opened every week and each of them will be accessible for two weeks. This will allow the participants for more flexibility, especially during Easter and national holidays in May. The exception might be the two last thematic blocks which due to the close date of completion of the course will be open for a week only.
  3. Will be the final exam carried out on-line or in a classroom?
    The final exam will be divided on two parts:
    - writing task to be done in a distance form: interpretation of the results of analyzes,
    - in the classroom: a conversation with a participant expanding the writing tasks (in English).
    However, to pass the course the tasks included in each thematic block need to be done as well.
  4. When the final exam is planned?
    The assessment is planned for around June 9, 2014. The exact dates will be given during the course.
  5. Why do I need to provide a personal identification number and identity card number in the application form?
    It is obligatory within the Human Capital Operational Programme to collect these data from participants covered by the support in the project (and thus also for the course Introduction to Data Analysis participants). The data provided by you will be solely used for the purpose of the project Warsaw School of Data Analysis, its evaluation, control, monitoring and reporting. The administrator of the personal data collected is the University of Warsaw. The data is stored securely and will not be shared with third parties outside of the National Centre for Research and Development.
  6. When will I get the information if my application was accepted by the recruitment committee?
    E-mails informing on that will be sent to all the applicants at the end of the recruitment process which is planned on April 7, 2014.

Update:  Due to a large number of applications that we have already received the recruitment will end on April 2, 2014 at 1.00 p.m.